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Jackie is a cute co-ed who wants to play games with you. You’re both stuck in the dorm this Thanksgiving, and you’ve got the run of the place. You hear the showers down the hall turn on, and then a woman singing. Those are the Men’s showers, and you’re the only man on the floor. You go to investigate, and you spot her: Jackie – petite, flawless skin, tight body, and a surprise. She’s been hiding them all this time, enormous D-cup breasts, so perky and perfect! Jackie traces the outline of her body in foam. She looks you in the eyes, but she doesn’t say anything. You step into the showers, your skin feeling wet as the humid air envelopes you. Jackie is a young and super sexy premium TPE sex doll. She has velvety-smooth and soft skin that feels astoundingly real. She has a heavy-duty skeleton that allows her to assume any position you like. She can take you on with her amazing mouth, vagina, and anus. Jackie needs some help reaching some sensitive areas. Won’t you put your loofah to work?


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