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It was pure chaos when you jumped out of the plane; the pitch dark was only lit by the flak exploding around you. You landed somewhere in a farmland, alone, and behind enemy lines. You couldn’t get far on a twisted ankle, and you hid in a barn on the outer edge of a farm. Your ankle was worse than you thought, and you passed out. Heidi, a local girl, was there when you woke. You might have grabbed her, or your gun, or knife, held her hostage, fought your way out, but she looked at you in a way that made you feel warm. She didn’t understand you, but she nursed you back to health. When you were good enough to go, you stood and grabbed your rucksack, but something made you stop. Heidi was looking at you. You took her in your arms and soon enough, her pretty blouse was open. Heidi is a lovely TPE sex doll, with a giving smile and the body of a true sexpot. She has a fully articulating metal skeleton, which allows her to move and hold all the positions you desire. Touch her soft and supple skin; she feels so squeezable and realistic, you’ll be in love at first sight. Help bridge the gap between your people – make love, not war!


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